JTMD real estate management B.V.

is a reliable partner when it comes to investment property. With our many years of experience we assist private and professional investors with the purchase and / or sale of real estate.

Invest in the future

Investing may be extra income for the private investor, and often more like a property investment with a long-term contract for the commercial investor. This can involve a residency, shop, office or commercial property. Regardless of the unavoidable ups & downs in the economy, investing in property is still a very good investment.

Purchase mediation

Your advantage when choosing to work with us is that we know the region by head. Not only can we find the right investment property for you, with our knowledge we can inform you about every detail before you will sign the contract.

Security and increasing value

If you contemplate investing in property, you want to be sure about the costs, side-conditions and final return on investment. We will help you bring transparency to these points. In the end investing is all about increasing value.

Intensive support

You can come to us with your questions at all times. By selling your property we will arrange all your errands and take care of insights, a complete overview and a most positive return on investment. Also for the purchase of property, you can rely on the services of JTMD real estate management BV. We determine the current value of the property and research the allocation and rental options. Additionally we can manage your property after sales, by coordinating the rent and taking care of the technical and financial aspects. The choice is all yours!


Do you consider investing in property, are you looking for an (private) investor for your property or do you want to put in fund and are looking for expertise on this subject? We like to meet you to be able to assist and advise you! Feel free to call us for an appointment.

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