What does Datachecker do?

DataChecker checks identification documents and the creditworthiness of our tenants.

With its services, Datachecker has created the combination between convenience and security. The convenience because the customer can send proof of ID from any location within a few steps. The security because the entire process takes place in a secure environment.

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Collaboration with DataChecker

Current developments in the field of identity fraud ensure that we as JTDM real estate management B.V. must be sharp. More and more tenants are trying to cheat the landlord through identity fraud.

At JTDM we do everything we can to guarantee the lessor that the tenants are 100% reliable. Thanks to the collaboration with DataChecker, JTDM can offer its customers this certainty. DataChecker is a company specialized in the online verification of personal and company data with more than 10 years of experience. The company is an expert in the field of data, identity documents and fraud prevention.

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