Maintenance guide

Maintenance of your home ... who pays what?

Information about the distribution of maintenance activities between tenant and landlord.

As a tenant you have concluded a rental agreement with the landlord. In this tenancy agreement agreements have been made about the rights and obligations. Maintenance at the home is also part of this.

This information largely concerns the division of maintenance work between tenant and landlord. The different topics are treated in alphabetical order. We have tried to indicate in an orderly manner which maintenance will be for the account of the landlord and which maintenance will be for the account of the tenant. Since 1 August 2003, it has been determined by law how the maintenance between the tenant and the landlord is divided. You can find the exact rules in the 'Small repairs' decision on the site of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment.

Explanation used symbols

The maintenance is divided into two categories, namely:

V = lessor
H = tenant
SK = service costs

General rules

  • A tenant is deemed to use the dwellingas a good tenant inaccordance with the designated use of living space. The Civil Code mentions a number of matters that fall under the tenant's duty of care.
  • All maintenance or repairs resulting from damage, vandalism, incompetence and / or incorrect use are always at the expense of the tenant / occupant.
  • The landlord must ensure that the houses remain in good condition.
  • If permission is required by the landlord, this permission must alwaysbe given in writing.

This means that the tenant has a duty of care and the landlord has a maintenance obligation.

Damage to the home

Storm, fire, flooding and burglary can cause damage to your inventory and the building.

Damage to your inventory is for your account, unless the landlord is negligent because it has not responded to your maintenance complaint . For all damage (except fire damage ) on the inside of the house, the law assumes that you are the cause, unless you can prove that you are not at fault.

Maintenance from A to Z


  1. All maintenance or repairs resulting from damage, vandalism, incompetence and / or incorrect use are always at the expense of the tenant / occupant. H

Wear as a result of improper use. H

Repairs and replacement of all keys. H

  1. If point 1 does not apply: maintenance is due to wear and old age on behalf of the landlord. V

Kitchen counter

See kitchen

Back paths

See paths


See also roof and rain gutter, rainwater drainage, sewerage

Remove repairs to roof and gutters. V

Sufficient cleaning of roof drains and gutters (if accessible) H

Keeping away the drains of washbasins, shower, sink, etc. (if available) H

Repairs and replacement of drain siphons (gooseneck) H

Repairs and replacement of drains, shower plugs and chains. H


Maintenance and repair on balconies and balustrades V

Keeping the drainage drain clean H

Unblocking the drain H


See also: walls and wall finish

The entire interior painting , wallpaper and sauce work H


Maintenance and repair of individual bell system. H

Maintenance on common doorbells and home telephone (intercom) V


Maintain and pave the garden, carport and paths that belong to the house H

Maintaining pavement in common paths V

Keeping common paths clean H


Pruning and harvesting trees; a harvesting permit from Bouw en Housing supervision required (inquire at Stadswerken) H


Maintaining paving in fire halls V

Keeping the firebreaks clean H


Repairs to letterbox in own front door of single-family house H

In porch and common areas V

Repair and replacement of letterbox lock V

NB. If the replacement of the mailbox lock is the result of loss of the letterbox key, then it is for the account of the tenant

Outside stairs

Maintenance and repair of external stairs V

Keeping the outside stairs clean H

Central heating and combi boiler

General maintenance and repairs central heating system and combi boiler in normal use SK

Operate, top up and bleed the heating system and combi boiler as co-maintenance to resp. replacement of filling hoses, swivels, keys and cranes. H

Preventing freezing of central heating boiler and radiators H

Damage due to freezing of central heating boiler and radiators H

Keeping the air inlets and filters clean with hot air heating V


Maintain and renew the seat, the lid H

Refresh cuff or sock (the connection to the sewer) V

Renew connection of waste pipe on toilet and renew interior work tank H

Repairing the toilet flush H

Locking loose toilet bowl H

Maintain or renew the toilet bowl H

Refurbishment of toilet bowl and seat due to wear and tear (only with total wear) V

Container (dirt)

Schoonhouden container and container space H

Move container to / from garbage disposal site H

Roof and roof gutter

Maintenance and replacement of roofing, roof transit , gutters and drains, roof hatch and roof tiles after normal wear or as a result of storm. V

Sufficient cleaning of accessible gutters and drainage openings H

NB. Entering roofs by residents is prohibited.

Sufficient cleaning of other gutters and drainage openings V


See hinges and locks

Doors and windows

See also: hinges and locks

Repairing exterior doors and windows in case of wood rot or normal wear V

Repair or replace after blowing outside doors or windows H

Repairing interior doors and doors of fixed cabinets (including hinges and locks) H

Replacing glass in interior doors. H

Painting interior doors and the inside of exterior doors and windows H

Door opener

See also: home telephone

Repairing and replacing electrically operated door openers and home telephone systems (intercom) V


See also: drain

Repairing and replacing shower hose, hand shower, attachment hook and coupling piece. H

(Basic) maintenance and repairs of the shower cabin supplied by the lessor. H

Replacement of shower cabin supplied by the lessor due to negligence and unauthorized judicious use by tenant. H


Repair and replacement of electrical installation, with regard to group cabinet, wiring and grounding. V

Repairs to electrical installation due to overloading or self-applied extensions. H

Repairs to doorbells, switches, sockets (sockets) in the home and the corresponding storage room. H

Replacing fuses (stop) and lamps that are on the home installation connected. H

Repairs to electrical installations in common areas V

Entrance languages

See common areas


See also: gardens

Repairs of divorce - if there are inheritances at the start of the lease are - with the exception of hedges and hedges and the replacement of or straightening (or straight) of broken planks or segments of wooden yard separations. V

Pruning hedges and hedges and replacing dead plants. H

Other maintenance of yard fencing (including pickling and painting) H

If in the interim made by the tenant H


Requests for repairs to outdoor gas pipes until the meter you report to your energy supplier.

Replacing or repairing internal gas pipes and gas taps, for as far as that originally belong to the home. V

Connection of gas appliances, stove and gas heater. H

Maintenance and repairs to extra resident gas pipelines and gas taps. H

Common areas

Cleaning of porch, stairs, elevators, and common hallways (is included in the service costs in some cases). H

Electric lighting / lift and replace lamps in common areas. H

Repair of floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, balustrades and fences stairwells, corridors of storage rooms, entrance portals, etc. V

Painting entirely, hinges and locks on windows and doors. V

Maintenance and repair of general lighting in corridors, porches, staircases and entrance rooms. V

Replaced lamps of lighting general spaces. H

Repairing central letter boxes and pressure bubbles (see letterbox)

Adding, replacing keys and locks of central letter boxes (see letterbox)


Replacing damaged or broken glazing. H


See also: kitchen

Unblock the drain as far as accessible. H

Replace the grate in the sink. H


See roof and roof gutter, rainwater drainage

Graffiti outside the home

As far as accessible to a tenant and no significant costs. H

Remaining. V

Hedges and hedges

See gardens

Hinges and locks

Repairing door handles / hinges / locks / window frames on doors and windows. H

Repair of mail box locks (see letterbox).

Repairing the hinges and locks of interior doors. H

Repairing hinges and locks, locks and espagnolettes of exterior doors and windows. H

Replacing locks and keys due to broken keys or loss of keys, also under the fault of the tenant. H

Lubrication of locks and hinges in the home and the associated storage (treat cylinder locks with graphite or special lock spray). H

Rainwater drainage

Unblocking rainwater drains (downspouts) as far as accessible. H

House telephone (intercom)

See also: door opener

Maintenance and repair of the home telephone. V


See also: doors and windows

Repairing built-in cabinets, loose cabinets and cabinet walls. H

Repairing hinges and locks fixed cabinets. H


See also: drain

Repair and premature replacement of kitchen unit and worktop. H

Repairing, replacing kitchen trays, drawer guides, hinges and closures of kitchen cabinet doors. H

Maintenance, repair and possible replacement of by or on behalf of the tenant fitted extra kitchen elements and parts H

(Basic) maintenance, repair and possible replacement of kitchen equipment supplied by the lessor equipment. H

Restoring sealant and tile rips . V

Kit joints

See shower, kitchen, toilet

Window frames

See hinges and locks

Painting and maintaining the exterior of exterior frames. V

Replacement of exterior frames when attacked by wood rot. V

Painting the inside of the exterior frames. H

Painting all indoor window frames . H

Keeping window frames on the inside and outside. H

Repair within window frames . V


Repairing cranes, including replacing the crane leather. H

Keeping clean and keeping main crane and faucets current. H

Repairing main cranes (cranes between home and gas and water mains) V


Repairing leakage to pipes, unless it is the result of damage or freezing. V


Maintenance and repair to handrails of stairs in common areas. V

Re-tightening loose handrails of stairs in the home. H

Lift and elevator installation

Maintain and repair the lift. V

Lifting failures. V

Eliminate faults outside working hours and electricity consumption. H


Keeping clean and minor repairs to a bathtub. H

Air grate

Repairs to ventilation / ventilation grilles and exhaust hoods. V

Keeping clean and replacing filters in the extractor hood and in air vents in the window, frame or exterior wall. H

Mechanical ventilation

Repair of mechanical ventilation. V

Keeping the air inlets of air heating and heat recovery clean. V

Keep clean and replace ventilation valves with mechanical extraction. H


Maintenance and repair of exterior masonry. V


Fighting vermin like wall lice, (pharaoh) ants, beetles, beetles, mice, silverfish and fleas, H

Combat woodworm, longhorn beetle, fungus, wasps, bees, hornets, cockroaches and V

Pharaom animals in the construction of the house, if not or late reporting, the tenant is held liable for the distribution of cockroaches and pharaohs over more houses. H


For roof tiles: see roof and roof gutter


Maintaining and repairing paths that are present at the start of rental or by lessor, unless it is significant defects in the rented property. H

Restoring severe subsidence on paths that belong to the home. V

Maintain and restore common paths V

Sweeping common paths. H

Parquet (laminate)

The laying of parquet floor - also loose demarcation (laminate) is permitted as shown it may be that the impact sound insulation of the bare floor and floor covering is a value reaches Ico = 10 dB or less. Or through a certificate issued by floor covering specialist . H

Ceilings and ceiling finishing

Repair of ceiling constructions and loose stucco (possibly with plasterboard) V

Repair of ceilings and plaster by damage (holes, plugs, etc.) H

Painting and / or sauces of ceilings. H

Maintain and repair the fixed ceiling finish installed by the tenant (carpentry, ornamental plaster etc.) H


Maintaining or replacing the shelf (plate under the mirror) H

Skirting boards

Maintenance, repair or replacement of skirting boards. H


See hinges and locks

See also: doors and windows

Rain pipe

See rainwater drainage

Sewage system

See also: drain

Unblocking and / or repairing sewerage after subsidence and in case of technical defects. V

Keeping clean and unblocking sewer pipes (if available), wells and drain. H

Unblocking the communal sewer system due to improper use. H


See doors and windows


See also: closet, shower, faucets

Maintenance and replacement of shelf, mirror, toilet seat, toilet roll holder, soap dish, hooks, racks and other sanitary accessories. H


Sauces and whites of ceilings and walls in the home. H


See also: electricity

Repairing switches and sockets. H


See hinges and locks


Painting inside the house and in the storage room. H

Painting on the outside. V


Repair of chimneys and ventilation ducts. V

Repairing damage caused by firing wood, fireplaces and everything burners. H

Sweeping chimneys once every 4 years. H

Barns and storage

See also: roof and roof gutter

Restoring storage floors. V

Repairing the roof of a shed or storage room. V

Exterior painting of a barn or storage room. V

Inside painting of a shed or storage room. H


See hinges and locks


See hinges and locks


Replacing mirrors after damage or weathering. H

Electrical outlets

See electricity, switches

Deposit box

See closet, sanitary


See also: ceilings and ceiling finishing

Repairing stucco (plastering) when it comes off its surface. V

Restoring the stucco after damage by self-work, plugs and holes. H

Siphon (gooseneck )

See drain, kitchen

Floor tiles

See also: paving

Repair and replace wall and floor tiles after damage. H

Repairing loose tiling. V


See gardens

Weather strips

Maintaining and replacing draft strips if available at the start of rental (eg aluminum and plastic windows) H


See closet, sanitary, cistern


See also: handrails, loft ladder

Repair stairs in the home. V


See also: trees, yard separations, paths

Lift up terraces. H

Lifting and repairing yourself applied extra paving. H

New landscaping after raising. H

Maintaining your own green supply. H

Maintenance hedges back house and hedges as a separation between gardens. H

Window sills

Small repairs to windowsills. H


See also: air grill, mechanical ventilation

Repairing ventilation ducts. V

Cleaning ventilation ducts in case of blockage. H


Maintenance and repair of outdoor lighting on galleries and porches V

Replacement of lamps etc. in outdoor lighting on galleries and porches H

Maintenance, repair and possible replacement of external and interior lighting H


Maintaining the loft ladder. H

Flooring and floor finishing

Maintain and repair the floor construction and screed as:

- repairs to floor joists and floorboards V

- repairs to the loose cement screeds and tiled floors V

Maintenance and repairs of fixed floor finishing applied by the tenant. H

Repair due to damage on removal of the made by the tenant floor finish.H

Special facilities on the floor for laying parquet, linoleum, etc. H

Placing parquet is only permitted if certain conditions are met



See closet, sanitary

Walls and wall finish

See also: ceiling and ceiling finish, stucco

Repairing loose stucco and tiling, concrete enamel lens and repair large cracks. V

Maintain and repair the fixed wall finishes installed by the tenant tiles, paneling, textiles etc.) H

Repairing plaster / tile / concrete enamel by damage, holes, plugs, improperly remove wallpaper, shrinkage cracks, etc. and restore sauce work H

Replace wallpaper, prepare wallpaper from the surface. H

Water heaters

See also: central heating and combi boiler

Maintenance geyser or boiler. H


See sanitary

Water pipe

See also: faucets, plumbing

Repairing hot and cold water pipes , with the exception of taps. V

Maintenance of water pipes and taps that have been added by the resident. H

Preventing freezing and repairing damage after freezing. H


See closet

Soap dish

Restoring the soap dish after damage. H


See drain, siphon

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