These documents are required!

  • An original and valid ID

  • An original proof of your financial capacity, through an employment contract, recent payslips and/or a recent employer statement. If you are an entrepreneur, you must submit a recent and original extract from the Chamber of Commerce and an original auditor's statement.

Looking for a property that you can rent in the short term?

Then you are at the right place with JTMD real estate management B.V. Our activities consist of;

  • Full guidance from you as a client when renting a property.
  • Take care of viewings of the properties you selected and inform and advise on the spot.
  • Mediate between you and the landlord.
  • Negotiating with the landlord about among other things rental price, contract duration, starting date.
  • Ensuring proper settlement, including drawing up an appropriate lease agreement.
  • Arrangement of early signing of the documents by both parties.
  • Ensure timely payment.
  • Making arrangements about the delivery of the rental property, taking care of the delivery and inspecting the property.
  • Drafting a report and inspection report in triplicate.
  • Ensure that all agreements between the parties involved are met.

JTMD real estate management B.V does everything to guarantee a good service.
If in the most extreme case a mediation is not successful, then these costs are also for the account of JTMD real estate management B.V.

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