Property management

Let Turenhout Real Estate Services take care of your property

Also for the active management of your residence or property investment, Turenhout Real Estate Services is the right place to go! We take care of all financial, commercial and technical management of your property. The main reason to have your property managed by an external organization is comfort. Having this managed with Turenhout Real Estate Services we guarantee that your property is managed professionally.

Financial/ Administrational management

  • Sending out invoices for rent;
  • Collecting rent and additional financial care;
  • Monitoring monthly administrative payments of rent;
  • Monitoring of payments and possible delays of rent payment;
  • Providing a dun and if necessary a myrmidon of law;
  • Execute payment with permission of owner;
  • Execute rent increase and taking care of written notification;
  • Administration and settling of pre-payments;
  • Charge community taxes to tenant.

  • Technical management

  • Execute inspections for mutation and creating inspection reports;
  • Execute inspections in case of complaints;
  • Execute periodic and preventive inspections if needed;
  • Settle complaints;
  • Quotation request, provision of mandate after confirmation of owner and check on execution for maintenance;
  • Check invoices;
  • Taking care of handover;
  • Manage technical issues;
  • Coordinate maintenance orders.

  • What are the costs?

    For financial and technical management we charge € 82,00 per month, excluding 21% tax. Separate technical management is not available.

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